Once again, scandal.

Once again the highest prelates of the Catholic Church are found guilty of child molesting. And simultaneously a delegation of once-abused children camps in the Vatican demanding recognition.

Once again the Pope’s response is found too mild and unsatisfactory.

Where’s the surprise? I ask myself.

When are you going to wake up and open your eyes? I ask all of you who still believe the issue of sexual abuse amongst priestly institutions can be addressed by finding and expelling a few bad apples.

I hold no grudge against Christianity as such. I actually think that its acknowledgement of suffering and vulnerability as an unescapable condition of life, to be addressed by compassion rather than cured, is possibly the highest moral achievement of mankind.

But also we need to finally acknowledge that child molesting in the Church is not some random occurrence, but intrinsic to what Christian religion has developed into throughout the centuries, especially (but not limited to) in its Catholic variation. It’s the direct consequence of the very values, instances, morals and rules that the clergy have decided to endorse and adopt as their main guidelines.

I’m sorry, but this is just science.

We know it from uncountable sources after several decades of clinical studies in any possible field: abstinence practices lead to abuse.