Eclipses are one of the few things in life that hold some truly magic, unreal secret to my eyes.

Like jellyfish and fireflies, eclipses exist in a twilight zone, where they invite us to believe they are the product of our dreams rather than nature’s labour.

I often caught myself wondering, drowsy or hungover, if these things were real or I had just imagined them, ideas someone had whispered in my ear as a child.

Darkness and light merge.

A mixture of owe, fear, boundless possibility sways through our chilled bones.

I first conceived this website at the time a Great Solar Eclipse invested Europe in March 2015.

My daughter had just been born. A supernova exploded in the sky and in my heart. It shone the brightest light I’d ever seen.

Everything else was falling apart.

I’m not temperamentally prone to astrology or superstition of any kind, but I bumped into this article about the upcoming celestial event that reminded me how we are not made of rationality only. For this is also what the vision of the eclipse suggests me: the encounter of rational and irrational, for a brief time dancing in ephemeral harmony.

The website has then undergone many changes – and, considering the inherent instability of my personality, it will change again and again – and has finally taken on a different name. I do not choose these things, I let them happen. Who knows, the title of the blog may even revert to Eclipse again at some point. This is precisely the place where things just happen, manifest, show up spontaneously. And my basic intention is not to filter them.

This is why I want to keep this article as a reminder of this crucial aspect of this blog: to be a semi-nocturnal place where the unconscious can come to the surface.

The unconscious. Nothing I love more than that bottomless cave where all the meaning is hidden. Nothing fulfills me better then diving into the dreamworld.

So I think it is due for me to open this blog by quoting some meaningful paragraphs from that inspiring, anonymous source:

… the vivifying and luminous energy of the sun will be covered by the magical and invisible lunar light … and will allow the deep to manifest … the unconscious will be free to show itself to our sight … a window will open on our abysses and will show us something ancient … the great unresolved wound … Yes … a great wound … arcane … deep … daughter of the unheard and unloved inner child …

… The wound … the big wound …

Because there is something still, profound and ancient in all of us that demands to be healed and resolved, so that the heart can shine in the light at the end of these years of so hard purification, and therefore the universe comes to meet us and gives us the opportunity to look at this wound … with eyes attentive and not blinded by anger … to recognize it and not be able to procrastinate for its resolution …

… The wound … the big wound …

… reveals itself in the light of the moon … reminds us that the child can not be forgotten … that the painful emotions linked to that sphere can not be hidden and hidden forever … reminds us that we are born to live and rejoice.