There’s nothing I love more than the unconscious.

This website is the place where my unconscious should find its space to manifest freely, uncensored.

‘Cos there is something inherently thrilling in exposing oneself to the world,

Overcoming shame.

It’s true that we can do that more safely by going to a shrink.

But it’s not at all the same, let’s face it, as to embrace the world as your own shrink.

It means to dive into the universe, and it’s euphoria, pure bliss.

It’s a bit like masturbation versus real sex. Masturbation can be quite fulfilling, no doubt. Informative, fun and hygienic, no doubt. And I also see a shrink no doubt. But that surplus effort and risk it takes to get naked in front of another human being pays a million sunshines back.

What’s the difference between sex and masturbation, in the end? But the fact that sex with another requires the acceptance of odds and errors that might occur when not-everything depends on you. Not everything is calculable and calculated.

This little, imponderable twist hides the secret of the Absolute.

‘Cos that’s what’s irresistible about the unconscious, and makes it so thrilling to expose it, and makes a life severed from it so unbearably dull: its vastness.

Ignored by the most because of its darkness populated by wild scary creatures, the unconscious is simply everything.

Our conscious mind, our conscious life, is but the tip of an iceberg.

Does that give the idea?

Perhaps not even. Perhaps we should say that conscious awareness is the surface of an ocean: the very superficial molecules that form the film enveloping the mass of water underneath.

The unconscious is all the water below that surface.

So this is my mission, my friends. This is my Yoga. This is my call.

Expose yourself to the world.

Overcome shame.

This is your lifetime and you have all the right to be what you are. Complete.

This is YOUR LIFE.

The unconscious is your magic world where all your secret powers reside.

Unbury your true self.


Because there’s no one and nothin in the world who can really prevent you from unveiling who you truly are or has the right to tell you shouldn’t make it happen.