If you have visited our WHO WE ARE page, you may have noticed reference to a certain Kandu guy.

He’s the creator of this website.

That’s me.

Or, I wonder, is that me?

He certainly lives in me. But saying that he is me…

Well… Not sure I want to take full responsibility for his actions, and especially his often delusional and creepy opinions about all sorts of stuff.

Some may think that Kandu is a ‘spiritual’ name. But it’s no fucking spiritual name ‘cos K is not a spiritual person. He’s a bastard, a badass motherfucker. At best, he deserves a nickname.

Kandu is my Mr. Hyde, my Slim Shady. He is the dark side, and the day Kandu appeared, I got liberated.

I could finally be entirely and honestly gentle with the people I love.

‘Cos this is all about LOVE.

Kandu is the most sensitive, loving creature in the world.

He’s all kushi-kushi inside and he hides under the blanket when eyelids become heavy.

Than he wakes up in the middle of the night and he sets out hunting for humans flesh.

Intellectual flesh. That’s the kind he likes.

You don’t want to come across his sinister figure when he’ s like that.

And especially, you don’t want to ARGUE with him.

I don’t. I gave up.