This time, I’ve opted for no compromise.

This website is my humble abode, where I rule as a humble tyrant-king.

There’s a reason.

I have the ambition to offer a certain service to mankind.

There’s this desperate need for truthfulness inside of me, which I find never fulfilled.

What’s the problem?

There are tens of thousands of yoga schools and websites around the globe. Many of them honest and worthy. I take part of some of these businesses too.

But they all have one feature in common that makes them stray from what I’m really looking for.

Whenever I visit these real and virtual places, I have the feeling they are trying to attract me.

They try to tease me, when not adulate me 

allure me

bait me

blandish me

blarney me

cajole me

entice me

flatter me

gloze me

soft-soap me

soothe me and wheedle me.

In the end, they are trying to conquer me over.

Because they want to sell me a product.

And this, I’m sorry, is wrong.

To parade your virtues in the hope of a conversion, is wrong.

Not absolutely wrong, universally wrong. It’s not a sin.

It’s ok about everywhere, except in one, single case: yoga.

And I’m not even saying the yoga teacher should be poor, a renunciate.

No, please give me money!

Cover me up in golden rupees, please, go ahead.

But you’ll have to do that while I’m spitting in your face.

You can spit in my face too, yeah.

This is all about spitting in each other’s faces.

Can’t you see what I’m trying to say?

Here’s an example:

The four Vedas (…) and the eighteen Puranas (…) [the most sacred texts of Indian spirituality] are whores,

Shambhavi Mudra [a yogic technique] is a virgin of noble lineage.

HYP 4:35

It’s from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the most popular traditional text on Hatha Yoga. It’s just scattered with sentences like this one or worse. I mean, if you place it in its context, this language is not just colourful and offensive, but utterly blasphemous


This repulsive language is a protection. A protection to the benefit of those who might feel curious but aren’t ready to know.

And let me tell you, I’m not about the tradition. I don’t give a shit about what the ancient guru said just for the sake of it.

It’s more the case that when I notice an exception, I sense there may be something real. And when I see someone who’s not trying to blandish me I sense my lust for life may be fulfilled for once.

What is the job of yoga, according to Svatmarama and his mates? it’s about catching the poisonous snake by its tail.

These original yogis were more like punk rockers than gym instructors. They were badasses. Tough, fearsome figures, who chose to be intimidating for humanitarian reasons.

This job is NOT for schoolgirls.

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