Come on! Speed up!

It’s late, bell’s ringing!

Mamas! Papas! Quick with those shoes!

Every morning, the kindergarten janitors are shouting out their mantras.

Ok, there’s 200 kids, the situation is tough to manage. Needs some organization. I realized myself how annoying can be large groups of people, even whom numbers are far smaller that these.

Still, I believe that this is miseducation. One of the many forms of subtle miseducation we are subject to since early childhood.

‘Cos hurry is never good. It cannot be good.

Hurry is distraction.

Hurry is the source of stress.

Hurry is psychological pressure.

But my child, as usual, is teaching me. ‘Cos she’s immiune. She still hasn’t been infected by the virus of pshycological subjugation through rush

Don’t let them hurry you, my child.

Don’t ever let them hurry you, ‘cos that’t the key to force.

Stay calm, impassible, ignore them, let them chew on their own muffled orders. And if they keep on shouting while they’re chewing, let them choke.

Every time someone is suggesting rush, they are urging you, they try to make you feel time is short, they are just trying to manipulate you.

Time is infinite.

The only think that can shrink up is the span of your thought. That is the capacity to make decision that are truly convenient for you.

Nothing else. Remember:

Time pressure is manipulation.

Time release is power and bliss.