How do you tell whether that workshop you attended was good or not?

I’ll share a little trick.

There’s ordinary and extra-ordinary.

If you’re all for the ordinary. If you’re scared of extra-ordinary, forget what I’m about to say.

We talk a lot about transformative experience. That falls into the extra-ordinary class to me.

So if you want to know whether that experiential stuff you paid 500 bucks to attend was not just good or bad, but extraordinary, transformative, awesome, give this a thought:

How prone or tempted where you during the workshop to take a picture or shoot a short video?

Did it feel like an irresistible Instagram opportunity?

Did you have to line up to get your selfie with the guru at the end?

If either of the above was true, your pretty precious workshop was bullshit.

Bullshit can be good, no question about that.

Bullshit can be informative, rewarding, comforting and many other things.

We need bullshit badly. It’s a great fertilizer.

But awesome…

Awesome is something else.

Awesome is transformative.

Awesome leaves you breathless, speechless, with anything in your mind but the silly idea of taking a picture.

Awe is not just respect but sacred terror. It’s the feeling you’re confronting something which is so large, so dense with meaning that it can’t be described. And yet so fragile that a little careless camera click would spoil it.