I went back to Dr. Marcula.

When I left your studio, last time we met – I started explaining – I immediately felt nostaligic.

Perhaps my idea of needing a more fatherly figure, someone with a pragmatic approach who’d help me make decisions and stick to them, is itself delusional and childish.

I realized I feel deep affection for you, Doc. And that’s something precious that shouldn’t go wasted.

Did you just realize that just now?

The last couple of weeks were a complete mess.

Out of the blue, Juicy turned into the Mad Cow again. And that happened, as it does, just as things were starting looking good again.

For the first time in years, I had what we could call an income. I could use my ATM card again and go shopping. I received promising job offers for next year. I felt so blasting creative I even started drawing and painting again. I decided I wanted to set up a small home-size art studio in the bedroom…

And that’s when it all fucks up.

It seems like this woman has a very competitive attitude towards you.

Perhaps she fears – at an unconscious level, of course – that she would no longer be necessary once things run smoothly.

Or maybe she fantasizes of doing her own thing, but something’s holding her back. So she gets nervous when she notices you’re seriously cultivating your talents. 

I guess both.

The hysteric – Lacan said – enacts a submissive role in order to rule.