I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years.

I love it, but I’ve always felt uneasy within the current mainstream yoga frame. I find much of its allure stiff, bigot, annoyingly cheesy and unnecessarily hypocrite.

I bought in it for a while, I have to admit. But then this little voice inside started screaming hey, dude, what are you getting into? Forget that shit! You are rock and roll!

God bless me, I like wild sex, drugs, smoking, alcohol, fat food and everything that’s dirty. I like all the stuff that you’re not supposed to do according to the new age creed.

I also feel, and know, for fuck sake, that I AM RIGHT!

This website is meant to provide a complete release to my thoughts and feelings on the matter. My wish is also to offer an alternative niche to like-minded people.

You may find just anything on these posts and pages. Bold new ideas, much of them nutty, some saucy, lots of swearing, inconsistency, spite. The wider scope is to expose not just sex, but all of the aspects yoga that are not usually talked about, because they are too controversial or taboo.

We want to go where they don’t want to go.

I don’t mean to offend anybody… or perhaps, yeah, I do mean to offend sometimes. But I hope you always glimpse the irony behind the drama. And if you’re soft hearted, well I don’t really see what the fuck you’re doing here anyway.

I say, better to be kind inside and act like a badass, then to play all-loving while you’re secretly rotten.

Featured image: Sex and Takeout by Sarah Bahbah