Well, I’m not much of an achiever.

I spent most of my adult life bumming around with very little purpose. I was going astray, couldn’t figure out what to do. I just wanted to fuck and see places.

When I realised it was going to end badly, it was probably too late.

I got an Eastern Philosophy MA, which was possibly my greatest feat. But then started bumming around again, this time between underpaid jobs.

Meanwhile I met Juicy, and we started living together and now we have a beautiful girl child. She’s, well, you know what a father feels about his daughter. ‘They are my greatest achievement’, I am tempted to say. But it sounds so cheesy.

No, seriously. I think I’ve got something about relationships.

Money compartment: shit.

Love and caring compartment: not too bad.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to fuck with other women. Cos that’s, well… we’ll talk about it: READ MY BLOG.

And oh, yeah, I am Italian.

English is not my first language in case you haven’t noticed. Fortunately we have auto-correct and other stuff nowadays.

I’m also tempted to get Grammarly, after about the millionth time they feed their commercial in my YouTube stream, but I don’t know…

Featured image: Bright Being by Maurizio di Iorio